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The success of a new construction project depends on the talent and dedication of the tradespeople whose job it is to bring the project to life. FK Construction Company has a clear mission that's been driving its success - and the success of its clients - for years. Our goals can be summed up in one simple statement:

"Flexibility, innovation, results - for a lasting partnership."


That's the guiding principle behind FK Construction Company's approach to doing business.


For almost 50 years FK Construction Company has grown to become a leader in public contracting and engineering. Over the years in the local, national and international markets, we have acquired broad expertise and earned the enviable reputation of being a dependable, no-nonsense developer who consistently delivers rock-solid results on time and within the budget.


Our qualified staff and up-to-date equipment, supported by extensive experience allow the FK Construction Company to deliver works of high quality and enables the client to obtain high value for money. Thus, FK Construction Company has become a leading turnkey contractor.


FK Construction Company's ambitions are limitless, standing ready to undertake any project in its domain or the domain of numerous foreign construction companies that we cooperate with in executing specialized projects.

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