Past Projects

This selection of projects we are particularly proud of. Of course, every project is important to us, but we want to provide you with a sampling of the boundless possibilities we can deliver.


With years of experience internationally, you may have already seen one of our award-winning projects without even realizing it.


We have a proactive collaboration of qualified professionals that are hand selected to meet each projects’ unique needs and who are responsive to the client and one another. FK Construction’s members’ offices and our partners are strategically located throughout the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.

Our professional staff comes from around the world. We are often able to assign to clients in a particular country, staff who speak their language. FK Cconstruction, through its members or strategic partners, has successfully completed projects in the countries listed below:

  • Benin
  • Ivory Coast
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Brazil
  • Latin America
  • Senegal
  • Colombia
  • Lebanon
  • Togo
  • Egypt
  • Niger
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • France
  • Nigeria
  • USA
  • Ghana
  • Qatar
  • Yemen