FKC - USA Division Manged by ICIS

Mission is to fulfill your vision


Group - Approach


First Phase
Conduct a review and analysis for improvement of client organization, operational productivity, and facility management


Second Phase
Identify stakeholders and present to senior management a strategic plan, sequence of recommended actions to be implemented by International Consulting & Innovative Solutions, LLC (ICIS), as well as an estimated budget.


Third Phase
Based on feedback from stakeholders and the management team customized management and operational solutions for creating effective client operations and facility management.




ICIS is committed to hard work, integrity, and dedication to the needs of our clients. These qualities have served us well during the previous years and will continue to do so in the coming ones.


ICIS knows the importance of providing a project which is not only cost effective but also of enduring quality.



Streamlined Operations & Team Approach


From its earliest stages, projects receive the benefit of the ICIS team approach. ICIS is committed to providing direct access to its people and its partners without unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. This team approach means that on-site experienced professional management can work directly with our clients to bring about the best solution to a problem or prevent one from happening, without needless delays. This direct access to decisive management and prompt action has been a cornerstone of ICIS operations and is key to its continued success.


More than mere customers, our clients become an integral part of the process as we work together to develop the highest quality and the most cost effective solution to a project. This integrated approach with our clients has served us well in the past. We believe it will be even more important in the future.



ICIS Services


We provide you with the best construction/engineering services to meet the project's goals. Drawing upon the interdisciplinary in-house expertise as well as our partners' network, we will design to mitigate risk and add long-term value to the project. We oversee and coordinate all efforts so our clients are educated and always fully informed.


Below is a list of our core services:


. Master Planning

. Site/Civil Engineering
. Sustainable Design

. Environmental Services and Innovative Solutions

. Environmental Engineering
. Program Management
. Geotechnical Engineering
. Financing Support
. Construction Management
. Structural Engineering
. Lenders Advisory Services
. Cost Management
. Commodities
. Health & Safety
. Traffic/Transportation
. Quality Assurance